Christmas Sleighs



Christmas is a magical time for Children (and adults)! If you are after ideas for a great Christmas present then look no further. There are lots to choose from, both edible and non-edible!

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Knitted Mini Christmas Puddings and Hats

Candy Cane and Cover

Christmas Crackers

Christmas Treats

Santa Keys

Christmas Tree Knitted Children’s Stockings

Grinch Pills

Elf Poop

Reindeer Poop and Noses

Snowman and Gingerbread Man Poop

Christmas Mugs

Reindoor Poop


Christmas Glass Jar Sweets

Christmas Specials

Christmas Plate

First Christmas

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About :

Sweetalicious - We can deliver all types of chocolate/sweet goodies for those special occasions including Birthdays, Christmas, Easter and Weddings.

Hire - Indulge yourselves by hiring our candy cart, candyfloss machine, popcorn machine and other items to make your occasion really special.

Handymakers - We have handy dandies! You name it, we’ll try and make it!

Teepees - Providing spectacular indoor sleepover teepees for parties and special occasions.

Place your order today by telephoning 07428737317 or emailing